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What you are passionate about, you choose, however, your interests choose you. Thus, since my adolescence, I have invested a large part of my leisure time in the two things that stir the most passion in me; cycling and music. I like to listen to, watch, read about and attend events about them, and even as far as possible, practice them.

Within my non-professional interests, beyond everyday tasks, I like spending time with family and friends, visiting new places, going for a walk and working with myself to try to have a healthy life. All of which are quite common interests.

Regarding my professional interests, it is difficult for me to highlight some in particular, since I would define myself as having a ‘multi-potential’ profile, at least to some degree. It is true that during my professional career I have had defined objectives, but at the same time as working to achieve them, I like to immerse myself in new fields and learn new disciplines by expanding my skills.


Below, I set out my academic and professional experience chronologically including interests, mostly professional, objectives, areas of focus, schools, universities and companies.


Between 2002 and 2004, I did my high school studies at Salesianos de Atocha, located just a few meters away from the old EUITI school of the Polytechnic University of Madrid, where I used to go to eat lunch on days with afternoon classes. Being familiar with the school, along with an interest in science, technology and engineering, led to me choosing to study Mechanical Industrial Technical Engineering from 2004 to 2009. The first four years were based in the school, and the last working as a full-time junior engineer while completing the final degree project.

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During my student years, learning English was difficult for me. I reached the required levels, but I was not fluent. The same happened when teaching and explaining knowledge with classmates; it was complex for me. That is why part of my efforts have been dedicated to improving both facets. In 2007, I began to study English at the official language school in Spain, and in 2009, after presenting my final degree project, I went to Dublin, Ireland, with the aim of improving, living in a country with English as the official language and studying there at a Cambridge certified school.


During my study years, I worked in different positions to be able to cover costs, the first job related to the degree being in 2008, as a junior engineer at Imtech initially a three-month trial period, after which I started working with a permanent full-time contract. I worked within the building maintenance department as part of a team with a senior engineer, with whom I shared the complete management of contracts and work teams.


In July 2010, thanks to the representation of technology companies in Ireland, I started working at Hewlett Packard in Dublin, as a Technical Support Analyst; A job that was not related to the degree and functions previously performed, but was part of the technological world which I had an interest in. As I studied and improved in this area, I was promoted to work as an incident coordinator, working again in management.

In 2012, Google inaugurated the Google Maps Spain management department in Ireland, and I formed part of it from its inception, working as a Data Analyst on a wide range of projects. Likewise, by self-teaching, I continued learning within the technological field, more specifically, the online world, creating web pages, eCommerces, studying about social networks and Google products, such as Analytics, Ads or Adsense, and in general much of online marketing. I also, almost simultaneously, began to study the mobile world or Apps.


In 2014, I started working at PayPal, also in Dublin, Ireland, as a Business Account Manager, or Account Manager, managing client enquiries about their returns, processes, and concerns among other things, as well as learning about finance online. At the same time, I collaborated with a start-up and above all, began to monetize my own online projects, more specifically, obtaining economic returns from my own mobile Apps published in the markets. To do this, I thoroughly studied all parts of the app creation process, beyond the App product itself.

All of the above made me decide in 2015 to take a leap, and dedicate myself solely to launch my own project, ASOApp, which would combine previous experiences, as well as my own interests, first working from Dublin, and later, returning to Madrid, where I currently live. Thanks to the monetization of Apps, the central concept, added to the novelty that Apps represent in the market, I decided to create a project that would be a comprehensive solution for mobile applications.


In ASOApp, I have been supported by global freelance collaborators, and I have been able to coordinate the total management of a project; administration, customer acquisition and management, and sales processes among others. I created several totally new online courses with great reception that have been taught, uninterrupted, since 2015, with several thousand students having participated. These not only deal with the creation of Apps, but also, above all, market research, mobile monetization, techniques of recruitment and promotion, among other areas. I also collaborate with business schools, master’s degrees, universities and companies in face-to-face training, and I work with clients, not only mobile, but also in online marketing. This, together with the creation of my own Apps, form the four business avenues of ASOApp.

On the ASOApp website itself, there is more information about the project, as well as in Carlos Hernando’s section within the same site.

As ASOApp is a certainly stable, profitable and viable project to maintain, I continue to explore new fields every day. Thus, to paraphrase Víctor Hugo, “There is nothing like a dream to create the future”, working on dreams or interests, I would like to continue bringing experiences together.


The experience shared above contains a large part of my CV, however, in the updated Linkedin profile the different professional experiences are detailed a little more. You can visit the profile from the following link:

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If you would like to have the CV in a specific format, or want to know more about any area, please do not hesitate to contact us through the following form or directly at the email address that is shown below.